Winter Essentials

As its quickly turning colder and the Christmas lights are popping up everywhere I thought I’d put together a list of things I love to use in the Autumn/Winter time, these are my winter essentials perfect for if your feeling the effects of winter on your skin.

Lancome- Juicy Lip shaker.

This is a beautiful lip product to own, a combination of an oil that is infused with pigment to give a beautiful glossy colour without making your lips feel sticky like lip gloss does, whilst keeping your lips moisturised. It comes in a cute little cocktail shaker which you shake a couple times to mix the pigment and oil together. To apply the lip oil it has a soft cone like sponge which is very easy to apply if your in a rush.

Zoella- Bake my day perfume and Gingerbread cream.

These are the perfect items to get anyone in the festive spirit, and just in general really nice thing to have with you at all times. The combination of ginger, vanilla and chocolate in the perfume is a light sweet smelling scent. Its literally Christmas in a bottle. The cream is a gingerbread scented body lotion which is also available as a hand cream and leaves your skin feeling silky soft and smells so good! I honestly can’t describe how nice it smells. The perfume and cream come in a set which is also a great gift for Christmas particularly for someone who loves things like this.

Urban Decay- Flushed pallet.

This pallet is so beautiful, it contains a highlight, bronzer and a blusher. The highlight is very subtle, it isn’t one that stands out on your face, but gives a  beautiful and amazing glow that is gorgeous especially when it catches the light. The blusher is very light and is very natural like the bronzer which adds a nice light colour to your face which I think is great round this time of year as it gives a really nice warm and natural glow. I feel like this pallet is the perfect item to have in your bag in the winter for a subtle and gorgeous look.

Urban Decay- Naked Skin foundation.

This is the first foundation I’ve ever tried from Urban Decay I decided to try it as other foundations never properly matched my skin tone or lasted throughout the day. This foundation also provides an amazing even base and feels very light on your skin. The foundation its-self is runny which makes it easy to spread evenly on your face and there is an extensive range of colours which I love because I’m very pale so always found it hard to find a foundation that matched me.

Beanie Bobble hat.

One of the best things I love about Winter is being able to wear my bobble hats again. Recently I’ve been loving the bobble hats with the faux fur pom poms as the bobble. The one I have is from River Island and is a beautiful soft pink which is gorgeous with the light to dark ombre style pom pom. I find it looks really nice with a gold and brown smokey eye and a brown or pink lip.

What are your Winter essentials?

Caitlin ❤



7 thoughts on “Winter Essentials

      1. i was soo looking forward too it but im just not too keen. the ginger cream i do love though. i feel the bake my day doesn’t smell like gingerbread and the cream does but may just be me


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