Frost and exams

I woke up this morning to a dark gloomy sky and sparkling ground dusted with frost. Today I was nervous. Very nervous. I had an upcoming exam that’s really important for the future next year and I totally thought I was going to fail. But when I sat down to take my exam it actually wasn’t too bad, I’d learnt most of my writing and managed to memorise most of it but what I regret is not revising sooner because I know now that I could have remembered everything I needed. Here’s a list of my top exam tips:

  1.  Always revise for a while before your exam when you know you have one.
  2. Write out revision cards and break down your information.
  3. Ask a family or friend to help you revise (I found this really helped me).
  4. Listen to some music quietly in the background. (If this isn’t too distracting  it can help to relax).
  5. Have you favourite food on standby. My personal favourite as I like to have something like chocolate after I’ve finished (mostly because I just love chocolate but also helps some people to revise)

I hope these help you, anyone else feeling the effects of Autumn frosts setting in?

Caitlin ❄🍁


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