Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review

Lush is my ultimate go-to place for bath products. I feel like this year they’ve got the most amazinggg bath bombs ever for Christmastime. I went in today to pick up a couple presents for friends and also thought it would be fun to write up a review on one of the bath bombs. The first one that caught my eye was the ‘Golden Wonder’  because it was so sparkly and looked really interesting. A lady who worked there helped me find perfect gifts for some of my friends and showed me a demonstration of the Golden Wonder and it was so cool. The staff at Lush are always so friendly and nice and that’s one of the main reasons I love it.

The Golden wonder bath bomb as you first put it into the water, begins to fizz very quickly giving off beautiful gold colours and lots of sparkles! It contains cream of tartar which makes the water and your skin feel really soft and smooth. And bursts with a deep turquoise blue which seeps out of it contrasting beautifully with the other colours it releases, such as pink, green, orange and yellow.

It smells absolutely gorgeous as it gives off a very nice citrusy smell that isn’t too overpowering. The gold in the water is so shimmery and looks beautiful. I think this bath bomb would be a great gift for anyone who loves a bath or lush products. Personally I absolutely love this product, I was really happy and impressed with it and its now my favourite Lush bath bomb. Its definitely something I would buy again.  Have you finished Christmas shopping yet? I haven’t yet, I’m really disorganised this year!

Caitlin ❤



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