New Years Resolutions

Hey everyone!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe that it’s 2017 already! It feel like I blinked and 2016 had gone.

So every year I make resolutions for the new year anndd.. never stick to them. Anyone else the same? But this year I decided I would set goals that I would definitely stick to. Here’s what I set myself:

-Bake everything out of Tanya Bakes

-Do more blog posts regularly

-Take part in more activities

I’m happy with these goals because I think when I used to set New Year resolutions I would pick things that generally everyone else would, like, eat less chocolate, or do more exercise and I would never do it or it wouldn’t stick. I mean who can say no to a bar of Cadbury’s? With this year’s goals I think I can do it.

So far I’ve baked five things out of Tanya Bakes, and I think I’m going to audition for a musical called West Side Story which is definitely something new for me! Here’s my guide to setting New Year resolutions:

  1. Make sure your interested in doing the goal you have set. (I think this will definitely help with sticking to that goal)
  2. Don’t make too many! (Making too many will most likely put you off keeping to them)
  3. Maybe set them around something you’re already interested in, (i.e reading, set a goal of how many books you would like to have read by the end of the year, baking and sports. There’s thousands more hobbies and interests you may have so there’s plenty of opportunities!).
  4. Have fun! (Probably the most important, you want to spend the year, if you stick to that goal, enjoying the time you spend reaching your goal!)

Hope you all had a great New Year.. 🙂

Caitlin. ❤


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