How to:A perfect movie night!!

There’s nothing better than watching your fave movies and eating delicious food with your friends. The best way to do that, is a movie night! This week I decided to plan a movie sleepover with a couple of my friends and we made a cosy tent to go with it. Here’s how to make your own little movie tent!

To make this you don’t need to buy anything to make the tent, just any old bits and bobs you can probably find round the house.

-A duvet sheet (I used a double bed sized as it allows you to fit about 3-4 people under)


-Fairy lights (Optional, but very cute and doesn’t provide too much light but just enough for you to see without disturbing the film) If you don’t have any there are absolutely tonnes of places to get them from. I found the cheapest place to be Primark where you can get really good quality ones for £1.50.

-Food! If your like me, food is a fundamental part of a movie night!  Toffee popcorn, crisps and sweets are my go to choice.

-Cosy blankets

-Movies- Definitely the most important. I tend to watch DVD’s which are mostly my old faves and Netflix which is always great for lots of different types of films.

To build the tent we tucked the duvet sheet on the headboard of my bed, and then tied strings to certain parts to support it. I would recommend tying the strings to something like a chair as this won’t break anything like a door handle. To tie parts of the tent bunch the material where you want it to be supported and wrap string round it a couple of times finishing with a knot. (Don’t tie the know too tight, you need to get it off again!)

After that, we arranged the blankets and cushions and with mini pegs, and clipped the fairy lights onto the tent. (You can use normal pegs too) I bought some cute glasses from wilko’s that were only 50p each and would prevent really bad spillages if they were to fall.

I also found a jar that I had which I thought would look snazzy with sweets in it and… let’s face it who can resist the excuse of being able to use a jar for something!

We had fun and a lot of laughs and a great time which was followed up with some pancake making in the morning they were deeelicious!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite movie is! I love anything Disney, I literally bought Now that’s what I call Disney  the other day. (Don’t ask!) Have a great week!!

Caitlin ❤



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