Makeup review: Urban Decay Naked Foundation

Hey Everyone!

So recently I’ve been using and loving, Urban Decay’s Naked skin foundation. I have it in the shade 1.0 which is the second to lightest; (I’m so pale!). The foundation itself is beautiful on the skin, and blends out really well. However, if you don’t like a light coverage foundation then this will not be a match for you, for something heavier in coverage, maybe take a look at the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation. The ‘all nighter’ foundation is made to last, but is heavier on the skin than the ‘Naked skin foundation’.

The Naked skin foundation is very light on the skin, gives a nice smooth finish, and lasts for a reasonable period of time. I would say its definitely lasts throughout most of the day, maybe 15 hours or more, so is handy for everyday use.

Personally, I think the worst things in makeup is having doubts that a foundation is orange on your skin, this is not at all and does is exactly what is says on the tin! (well box but you know what I mean!) By that, I mean its called Naked skin for a reason, it looks completely natural providing you have the right shade for you of course! And is also very brightening, and a very nice base for the rest of your makeup to sit on. The foundation also includes Matrixyl 3000 (which is an anti-wrinkle peptide), antioxidant green tea and lots of vitamins which helps you to look fresh and radiant!

Caitlin ❤



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