Spring Lookbook/ Outfit Inspiration 2017

Another advantage to spring rolling around is the clothes – being able to wear shorts, dresses and loads more without freezing like an ice cube! I decided to show you some of my favourite outfits I put together to maybe give you some ideas for your spring wardrobe.

1.Knitted jumper and snazzy shoes

love this one because its great for everyday wear particularly around this time of spring where its getting warmer, but there’s still some days that are chilly or rainy. The sunglasses I am wearing are actually from Primark. I bought them last December when I was on a shopping trip and they caught my eye, I love the design of them with the soft pink rose shade along the top, which goes beautifully with the gold. These were actually on sale for £1 and are surprisingly really good quality, so Primark is definitely a place to go for sunglasses. My jeans are from New Look, and they are are very light blue colour which is very springy to me! They also go well with the chunky knit jumper which I want to say is cropped or like a 3/4 length jumper? (Correct me if I’m wrong on what it’s called!) I was given this as a birthday present last year so I’m not sure which brand it is or where its from but if I find out I’ll let you know as it’s currently in the wash!!

2.  Cropped hoodie (H&M), pebble washed jeans (H&M) and suede boots (ASOS)IMG_5649 (1)

This is, again, a great one for the slightly chillier days, and also very casual and comfy. The hoodie is cropped and very loose with a hood, it’s also very thin so won’t make you too hot, but won’t keep you too warm either! I thought these jeans complimented the hoodie and the shoes well, and are different to most of my jeans which are just one plain colour. I bought the shoes off ASOS in the Autumn time and have been absolutely obsessed with them, and the colour. I was so happy to find them because they are my favourite shoe colour and style of shoe as well! To me personally, I think that they are fine for all year round use, which is why I had to include them in this post and look.

3. Cosy jumper (Superdry), faded blue jeans (Primark) white tank top (Converse) and high ponytailFullSizeRender (7)

This has to be one of my ultimate faves. The jumper I wasn’t to sure about at first because I found it difficult to find something that would go under it. However, I tried my Converse tank top underneath and voila!  It matched! The jeans and my Vans also worked with this look and I now want to wear it pretty much everyday! (I’m using so many exclamation marks! <-  ;P ) A high ponytail also adds something to it. I pulled out some of my hair to frame my face a little and also to make it look a little messy.

4. Cold shoulder jumper (Primark)FullSizeRender (4)

One of my biggest dreams is to one day visit/live in New York City it’s such a cool place and I love it even though I haven’t been there! This cold shoulder top is from Primark and I liked it with the jeans that I also bought from there. I’ve never really worn grey, but this shade is so nice and the red lettering stands out boldly.

5. Cold shoulder white top (New Look) & Rose pink jeans

The photo on the left has again gone out of focus on upload. Sorry! This is my No.1 fave look out of them all. This is very summery which makes me so excited for when summer does eventually arrive, and is also a style of outfit I’ve never really worn before. The jeans are soooo soft so I would definitely reccommend trying these from New Look, and they are also frayed at the bottom which is different to my other jeans. I LOVE the top because of the pattern on the front, it has holes in the front and its like a kind of Aztec pattern – it’s just so cute!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you’ve been up to this week and where you love to shop for clothes in the comments below. 🙂

Caitlin ❤


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