April Showers-Life update No.2

It’s one of those duvet worthy days. Grey skies, wind and showers of rain – therefore a great excuse to binge watch all of my fave films and cocoon in my duvet cover! Do you have a certain series or couple of films that you can watch over and over sooo many times and never get bored?

Mine have to be Harry Potter. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I was little – literally! I love every single book and film soso much, but my favourite book and film has to be The Prisoner of Azkaban because of the story line, with Buckbeak and the time-turner it’s just brilliant! If you haven’t seen Harry Potter, you have to see it. It’s just the most magical (HA how punny) film ever!

If you read my blog post An update on life you will know that I told you that I didn’t get the part in the West Side Story  musical. However, there was still time to be in the chorus role and one of my friends said I should come along to the club so after saying “yeah I’ll think about it”, I actually did, (because I am really trying to stick to my resolutions!) and now I’m going to be in the musical! I’m so glad I did go and that my friend said I should go because I’ve made new friends from joining in, and I’m trying new things!! I love going to the rehearsals for it they are so much fun!

My second resolution was to bake everything from Tanya Bakes, and, touch wood, I should get through all of them in the remaining 8 (OMG!) months of this year. A particular favourite recipe of mine is the fruit scones recipe. It’s so easy to follow and makes some absolutely amazingggg scones. I’m currently on the Easter section as my friend is coming down to stay with me in a few days so I’m super excited and we’re going to make lot of eastery things as we both love baking and Harry Potter and a good sing-A-long to our old Disney favourites – particularly High School Musical!!

My third resolution was to post more on this blog. I could improve how often I post, so I’ve been writing post ideas/drafts so I’ve got lots of posts on the way and I’m going to try and ace this resolution!

How has your week been? Have you been baking recently? Let me know in the comments below.

Caitlin ❤




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