The best parts about summer

July, for me, is officially the start of summer because it’s when I start my holidays! Recently, the weather’s been amazing and I am soso excited for all the things I’m doing this summer, so today I thought I’d do a rundown on my top 5 favourite parts about summer and which shops I’ve been loving to get things like clothes and make up.

1. Friends-

I love spending time with my friends during summer, especially when we just spend the day at a park and talk, listen to music and just have fun! I think the best days are the ones where you’re just hanging out spending the day with each other having a great time.

2. Music-

Personally, I loveee music and listen to it almost constantly. My favourite ‘summery songs’ at the minute are:

  • Came here for love by Sigala, Ella Eyre
  • No promises by Cheat Codes ft. Demi Lovato
  • Gold by Kiiara
  • Light it up by Major Lazor, Nyla and Fuse ODG
  • Mama by Jonas Blue and William Singe
  • Shower by Becky G

I feel like the music in these songs is amazing and they’re the perfect songs for this summer and great for parties too. Shower was released in 2014 but it came on as a suggested song on my Spotify and it’s such a good throwback song I love it!

3. The clothes

I decided it was time to revamp my wardrobe for summer and over the past few months I’ve been buying clothes from various places. My favourite shops right now are:

Primark – If there is a Primark near you or any way you can get to one – go!! Over the past few months I’ve been going to and loving Primark more and more, they have soo many amazing summer clothes in at the minute and my particular favourite clothing items I’ve purchased recently are some cute kind of Aztec patterned shorts and a yellow dress which is my new obsession! You will be able to see these in a Summer lookbook that I am in the process of making and will be out on August 5th.

Boohoo – I’d never been on Boohoo until this year and I regret not looking at it sooner! Their prices are ridiculously good and the range of items available is amazing. Again, the items I purchased from Boohoo will be in my lookbook post.

New Look – I love New Look particularly for their jeans but they have loads of amazing tops one that I have I just want to wear every day! That top is in my Spring Lookbook/ outfit inspiration post and is a white cold shoulder top with a cute pattern on the front.

Make up

I’ve picked up 3 new make up items recently and love, love, Love them!

Firstly, from Superdrug I got a beauty blender sponge. I always went through blending sponges really quickly and as most of them were around £6 I didn’t feel as though they were worth constantly replacing. However, Superdrug now have their own blending sponge for only £1. It’s great quality, leaves a beautiful finish and has lasted longer than any of the more expensive beauty blenders I’ve tried have. I would definitely recommend this to anyone searching or wanting to try a blending sponge.

The next two items I got from Boots and they are:

  • Rimmel’s Match perfection concealer which I find amazing. The coverage isn’t heavy, I’d say light to medium so avoid if you like a heavy coverage concealer but it works for my skin and is a perfect travel size. My concealer’s also lasted months and its still got a lot left in it.
  • Maybelline lash sensational mascara is brilliant. I need to buy a new one soon because mine’s running out but over the months I’ve been using it I love it even more every day. I had been using a Lancome one which was really, really good, but I feel like for me, the Maybelline mascara was better as it just made my lashes look longer. I also think the applicator brush is a great design and really highly recommend this mascara.

4. Candles

I like to have a candle that reflects every season and my favourite scent for this summer is Pineapple and Coconut it smells so fruity and sweet but it’s not sickly and makes your room smell incredible!

5. Baking and making summery foods

During summer there are so many possible variations of food that you can try to make and my particular favourites to make are:

  • Ice pops or Ice lolly’s which I am so excited to make this year and I’m actually making some today because it’s the perfect day to go outside and enjoy them.
  • Cupcakes are great all year round as you’ll usually find most shops do decorations in accordance to the season. I like Tesco’s to get most of my ingredients as they do quite a big range of decorations etc. in most of their shops. Another great supermarket to get ingredients and decor from is Sainsbury’s. They do the cutest range ever!
  • Pizza is just amazing because, well it’s pizza and it’s a very convenient food as it doesn’t take long to make from scratch and to cook as well. There are also so many combinations and it can be eaten hot or cold which is perfect if you’re having an outdoor party.

Those 5 things are a few of my absolute favourite parts of summer of course there are a lot more but if I wrote about them all this blog post would quickly turn into a novel!

What’s your favourite part/s about summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Caitlin ❤




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