One year later…

Today WordPress let me know that I have had this blog for a year. An entire year.

365 days down the line, I can say a lot has changed over the past year. I have achieved many of my goals and tried loads of different things that I wouldn’t have before I started this blog. I hope your year so far has been great, and now Christmas is on the way we’re nearly at the start of another.

Talking of New Year, I’ve been thinking about my new, New Year goals. I want to keep two from this year and they are to:

-Keep trying new things (I found that this has just opened so many doors of opportunities)

-Post more on the blog! (I have had a really hectic year and it has affected my posting levels but I am going to try and plan my blog as much in advance as possible for next year)

What has been your highlight of this year?

I’m so excited that the festive season is back! I have a lot of posts planned to share my favourite parts of Christmas this year, from festive drinks to makeup bits & bobs, home decor and DIY christmas gifts – and also candles – can’t forget the candles.

Caitlin ❤IMG_1948


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